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Pool of Experts: REACH Innovation Consultancy counts with a pool of highly qualified experts to cover specific areas of knowledge and application to be evaluated. All of them are experienced in cooperating with international projects and in evaluating project proposals for the EC, guaranteeing knowledge-trust, confidence and quality in the assessments given.

The communication with the experts is done in a transparent way during an evaluation service. All experts are aware of the confidentiality needed for evaluating project proposals and they make rigorous agreements with REACH Consultancy for non-disclosure of project ideas in any form or circumstances.

If you are interested in joining REACH's Pool of Experts, you are welcome to contact us in order to submit to us your qualifications and expertise description.


TeamREACH Innovation's Team counts with experienced professionals with complementary qualifications and expertise in EU projects. Further qualifications of the team include: R&D research and development; European business market; clients & resources management; business strategic planning; innovation R&I and marketing solutions; intellectual property definition, digital data; web-media content management; project dissemination and communication; and project management. In addition, a selected group of professionals supports REACH in various tasks including: specific applications consultancy, back-office, system development & programming; training; and event organizations & promotions.

REACH Innovation Board & Supporting Team:

Fatima Dargam
Research & Innovation Management

 Sandra Vidal-Weisch
Project Development &
International Project Management

Vera ReischlVera Reischl
Organization & Administration
Project Development Support

Nayara Custódio

Nayara Custódio
Business / Market Analysis &
Project Management

Erhard Perz
Business Management &
Business Advisor

Simone Beutle
Simone Beutle

Marketing Strategy &
Digital Marketing Support

paulo leao

Paulo Leão
Consultant for
Visual Communication & Design

Thamires Nascimento 

Thamires Nascimento
Consultant for
Communication Management

Ligia Pasqualin
External Consultant for
Project Management

Sabine SchwaigerSabine Schwaiger
External Consultant for
SME Business Coaching

 Francisco Westermeier
External R&D Consultant for
Latin America Projects

Debora Cardador
R&D Consultant for
Interational Projects with Brazil

 REACH GR framed new

REACH EU Subsidiary in Greece

 REACH GR Lucia framed new
Lucia Fanini

REACH-GR  R&D Consultant

 REACH GR George P framed new1
George Panagiotopoulos

REACH-GR  IT Developer-Consultant

 REACH GR Stefanos T framed new
Stefanos Tsiaras

REACH-GR  Consultant

ILTC framed new
REACH Representation in Brazil