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REACH Innovation provides specific coaching for supporting research and innovation project cooperation within the EU-Brazil collaboration program, and general support for projects with Latin American partners.

EU-Brazil Cooperation  &  REACH Support:

  • Support for understanding the EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Programme and its funding concept, for building qualified consortia and preparing EU-fit and competitive project proposals.
  • Participation as Partner in EU-Brazil Projects, dealing with Project Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation, Quality Assurance, and Innovation Management.

As stated by the RNP R&D Coordinator Wanderson Paim, "The benefits from EU-BR cooperation are important in several levels: Strategic wise, since we are cooperation on topics which are common interest between Brazil and European Union. Tactic, since both European and Brazilian institutions work together to elaborate and execute these projects, sharing same information and interests. Operational, where researchers, students, professors, industry professionals work directly with European partners in developing products, prototypes and scientific productions”. (Source from RNP in Portuguese).


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REACH Innovation: Your ICT Partner for International R&D and Innovation Projects, Project Dissemination, Quality Assurance & Management.

Consolidated Competence for supporting EU Project Proposal Preparation, Dissemination & Project Management. Customized & Specialized Evaluation Services in ICT. Extra Consulting Competence for supporting: EU-Brazil Research Collaboration Projects & Research Projects with Latin America.

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