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Fatima DargamFatima Dargam (Ph.D., M.Sc., Eng. (D.I.), B.A.)

Fatima holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from Imperial College, London; a Master degree (M.Sc.) in Artificial Intelligence from Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME), Rio de Janeiro; an Engineering degree (Eng.) in Electronics from Santa Ursula University (USU) in Rio de Janeiro; and a Bachelors degree (B.A.) in English from USU.

She is an experienced ICT professional, working for many years in Research and Development. She is Evaluator and Reviewer of European Commission funded projects. Since 2012, she has been continuously involved in the assessment, evaluation and review of several large-scale European Research & Innovation Projects, including nowadays Horizon Europe, Erasmus+ and COST.

Fatima Dargam is author and co-author of many publications related to decision support systems, knowledge management, decision making and analysis, knowledge representation, belief revision and updates, non-monotonic reasoning, multi‐agent & expert systems, social networks, cybersecurity, big data, and data analytics for decision making. Her current professional activities include the executive management and the technical research management of REACH (RI REACH Innovation GmbH); and the work in research & innovation project development for SimTech Simulation Technology (SimTech GmbH). She also belongs to the Advisory Board of the EURO Working Group of Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS), for which she is a founding member (since 1989) and has been in its Coordination Board for several years (up to 2020). Fatima Dargam is Associate Editor of the IJDSST International Journal of Decision Support Systems Technology and belongs to several ICT / DSS journals editorial boards.

As co-founder of REACH in 2016, and Partner and CEO of RI REACH Innovation GmbH (since 2022), Fatima works in Projects Research & Development supporting Technical Research Market Analysis; Innovation Strategies; Data Management; Intellectual Property Definition; Partners & Experts Network Management; Business Development; as well as Project Management, Dissemination & Exploitation.

"Plan the work and work the plan! In projects, this concept is particularly important to make ends meet."

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