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REACH GR framed newREACH-GR (REACH Innovation EU-GR)

REACH-GR  -  REACH Innovation EU-GR, is a subsidiary of REACH Innovation (EU-AT) located in Athens, Greece. REACH-GR was launched in January 2019 in order to promote, expand and reinforce the original mission and concept of REACH Innovation in Greece and in Europe. REACH-GR will support R&D and Innovation projects with national academic partners; big and small industrial partners; as well as with some international organizations.

REACH Innovation EU-GR ( already has some international projects with REACH Innovation Consultancy in its portfolio, including also projects in the ERASMUS+ programme.  REACH-GR is directed by Yannis Papathanasiou and counts with a team of local collaborators in order to support research and innovation project cooperation at European level.

REACH Innovation EU-GR expands the work-effort involved in the pallette of services of REACH Innovation, enhancing its market-readiness in Europe as well as bringing regional and national opportunities to the partnership business model. With direct coaching from REACH-AT, REACH-GR is already able to provide competence on the services offered, counting with high qualification and expertise of its supporting team. See more details about it here and here.

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